Motherfuckers From The Bowels Of Hell - Strutter

Label:Saftey Pin Records
Highlights:Nancy’s Boots
Don’t Give A Fuck
Gimmie Some Coke
Hot Rocks

Rating: 7.5/10

Brisbane band Strutter play fucked-up in the gutter rock ‘n’ roll and are no doubt inspired by the likes of The New York Dolls and Iggy & The Stooges. Fans of bands like The New Bomb Turks and Zeke will find a lot to like here as the band rip through such classics as Nancy’s Boots, Don’t Give A Fuck and Gimmie Some Coke and finish with an appropriately chaotic version of The Stooges Open Up And Bleed. My only criticism is that lead singer Dick needs to work on his singing if Strutter want to take their music to the next level in order to match it with the best. However, with Satan filling in on drums, it shouldn’t take Strutter long to conquer the world!

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